Marine Boats: What Are They & Why Do They Need Charge Air Coolers

Marine boats have many uses, and they are made with many different types of parts. One of the most important parts is the charge air cooling system, also known as an intercooler or charge air cooler. Before discussing the importance of charge air coolers, lets talk about what marine boats are and what their uses are.

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What Are Marine Boats

Marine boats are exactly what they sound like, watercraft that has been designed to be used on the water. These boats can typically be used in all types of bodies of waters, including lakes, rivers, oceans and even canals. However, some boats are better than others for specific bodies of waters.

As for the types of marine boats, there are many. This includes yachts, fishing boats, motorised jet boats, sailboats, passenger boats and ferries to name just a few. Generally speaking, any type of watercraft can be considered a marine boat. 

Marine boats come in various sizes and designs. Certain boats have been designed for specific purposes and/or multiple purposes. Also, the inner workings can differ from one marine boat to another.

What Marine Boats are used for

Uses Transporting cargo is one way marine boats are used. These marine boats are known as cargo boats, and they are specifically designed to carry cargo of all kinds, from vehicles to animals to furniture, imported/exported goods and much more.
Another way marine boats are used is to carry passengers. These boats are known as ferries, and they are medium-large vessels with special features and amenities. Other ways marine boats are used for is as fishing boats and luxury cruise liners. There's also boats that have been designed for sporting purposes, and for leisurely purposes; These includes small jet boats and sailboats.

Why boats need Charge Air Coolers

Charge air coolers are needed in marine boats for various reasons. For starters, the majority of marine boats are equipped with diesel engines, and in many of them the engines have been boosted. Charge air coolers are used to help improve fuel consumption. In turn, the boat owner/operator can save money on petrol.


Intercoolers play a role in reducing emissions, as well as increase power. If there are two exact same types of boats or similar boats, but one of them is equipped with an intercooler, then the chances are the boat with the intercooler will have more power density. 

Keeps engine cool

Perhaps the most important role that an charge air cooler plays is aiding in preventing the engine from being exposed to excessive temperatures. The more a boat is used and the longer it is used for, the higher the risk of its engine overheating is. This is exactly why all marine boats, regardless of size and design, should have an intercooler. 

Those are the top reasons why marine boats need charge air coolers. It doesn't matter how small or large a marine boat is, it should be equipped with a quality charge air cooler. As you can see, the part plays a crucial role in the operation of a marine boat.